What questions should I ask my doctor?

Talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you may have before deciding to enroll in a trial. Your doctor can also help you come up with important questions to ask the clinical trial team before you meet with them.


You can use the questions below as a starting point:


The goals of the trial: You'll want to understand why the clinical trial is being conducted and how it might benefit you. 

  • What is the purpose of this clinical trial?
  • Why do the researchers believe this new treatment might be effective?
  • Have there been other trials similar to this one? If so, what were the results?
  • Why is this clinical trial a good fit for me?

The clinical trial protocol: Each trial is conducted according to a comprehensive plan, or protocol. This protocol describes who can join a trial, the schedule of tests and procedures, medications prescribed, follow-up care, and the length of the study.

  • How long will the trial take?
  • How long will my part in the trial take? 
  • What phase is this clinical trial, and what does that mean?
  • How many patients are needed for the trial?
  • Who will be in charge of my care during the trial?
  • What will I have to do if I join?
  • How often will I have to visit the hospital or clinic?
  • Will I have to stay in the hospital?
  • What type of long-term follow-up care is part of this trial?

Risks and benefits: You'll want to know how the treatment could affect your health and impact other care you might receive.

  • How could this trial help me if I join?
  • What are the possible risks? Is the treatment likely to cause side effects?
  • How will I know if the treatment is working?
  • Is there a chance I will be assigned to a group that does not get the new treatment? 
  • If I benefit from the treatment, can I continue taking it after the study?
  • Will I be able to take my regular medications while participating?
  • What are my treatment options if I don't join this trial?

Practical concerns: It's a good idea to ask if you will have to travel to participate and how costs related to your care will be handled.

  • Where will the trial take place (sometimes called the "study site")?
  • What financial costs will I be responsible for if I join?
  • Will my health insurance be billed?
  • Will I be reimbursed or paid in any way for my participation?
  • Will I find out about the results of the clinical trial?
  • Will researchers tell me if they learn anything about my health during the trial? 
  • How will my privacy be protected?

For more examples of questions to ask, visit the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and ClinicalTrials.gov.

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