What questions should I ask the people conducting the clinical trial?

Before deciding to participate in a clinical trial, you will meet with the trial's research team to learn about the study. This might include the Principal Investigator (commonly called the "PI") or Research Coordinator. The PI is the physician who leads the trial, while the Research Coordinator is typically a nurse who works directly with patients.

At the meeting, you'll have an opportunity to ask the team questions about the clinical trial. You should come prepared with a written list, along with a notebook so you can take notes. Typically, it's also okay to bring a recording device so you can review the conversation later. A friend or family member can accompany you to provide support.

Questions to Ask
Questions to Ask Before Volunteering in Clinical Trials
Are there disease specific clinical trial resources?
Many patient advocacy groups and medical research institutions provide websites to help patients find clinical trials...
How will my doctor be involved before, during, and after a clinical trial?
In most cases, you will continue to see your primary care doctor while participating in a clinical trial. Most trials provide short-term treatment for specific illnesses or conditions but do not provide long-term care...
I understand that not everyone is chosen to participate in a clinical trial. How do I determine if I am eligible?
All clinical trials have specific guidelines about who can participate. After you agree to join a trial, you will be screened by clinical staff to ensure you are eligible...