How do I use

Watch these videos to learn how to use is a website sponsored by the U.S. government. It lists almost all of the current clinical trials both in the United States and abroad.

To search the list of clinical trials you can participate in, go to the homepage's "Find a study" section:

  • Under "Status", select "recruiting or not yet recruiting studies"
  • Under "Condition or disease," enter your condition or disease and choose the option in the dropdown menu that most closely matches your condition or disease.
  • Under "Other terms," you can put the name of the drug or drug company if you know it.
  • Under "Country" select the United States from the dropdown menu, or another country if you live abroad.
  • If you choose United States, enter your state, city, and the distance from the city you'd be willing to travel for a clinical trial. If you'd be willing to travel anywhere in the country, leave "State", "City" and "Distance" blank.

How to use search results on

  • Click on a clinical trial.
  • Scroll down to "Eligibility Criteria" and see if you're able to participate in the trial.

If you believe you can participate, scroll down to "Contacts and Location" to find the contact information of the person or people conducting the trial. You'll also see the location of the trial.

The results on can be confusing, especially the section on eligibility criteria. It is very important that before you contact a clinical trial, you talk with your doctor or other healthcare professional. They will help you confirm that you can or should participate. They will also tell you the risks and potential benefits of participating.

Once you have approval from your doctor, contact the clinical trial team.

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