If I’m considering enrolling in a clinical trial, what should I expect?

Some clinical trials involve visits to a study site, for evaluations by the investigator (e.g., doctor).  Other studies may allow you to be monitored at home using.  telemedicine (telehealth), mobile/local healthcare providers (HCPs) and/or mobile (wearable and non-wearable) technologies.

If you are currently enrolled in a clinical trial, please refer to your clinical trial team for information about what to expect during your trial’s processes. For general information regarding clinical trials, check out the following websites:

what to know
What Should I Know to Participate in a Clinical Trial?
Infographic: What Are Clinical Trials Like Today?

A clinical trial is a type of research study involving human volunteers. Clinical trials use traditional methods and may test a variety of new methods of screening, prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a medical condition...

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Am I able to participate in a clinical trial if I don’t live close to a trial site or cannot travel?
Many clinical trial programs offer patients options for participating in a clinical trial remotely, i.e., away from the main investigational site.
What things could be done at my home for the trial?
A home visit may be conducted by a health care professional other than your doctor (i.e., a nurse or nurse practitioner, a physician assistant, or healthcare technician).  You could take a telemedicine (telehealth) call from your study doctor…
How will I get the study drug or intervention?
You may be instructed to pick up the study drug at site, or have it delivered to your home by a pre-specified courier or could be instructed to go to a pharmacy and receive study drug from a licensed pharmacist or pharmacy technician; this also will…
What support will be provided to me if I have questions about taking medication at home?
Clinical trial programs may deploy nurses, phlebotomists, or other licensed healthcare providers directly to your home to deliver treatments or collect samples if necessary...
How will the clinical trial team communicate with me?
This will vary by study, but the study staff will go over this with you at the outset of the study.  It could involve regular visits to the investigational site, telemedicine (telehealth) visits, or other forms of communication via an app or…
Will I get the results from my clinical trial?
Under the law, "basic results" for certain clinical trials must be submitted and published on ClinicalTrials.gov, generally no later than 1 year after the study Completion Date. (ClinicalTrials.gov) In many instances, study sponsors also share study…