What support will be provided to me if I have questions about taking medication at home?

Clinical trial programs may deploy nurses, phlebotomists, or other licensed healthcare providers directly to your home to deliver treatments or collect samples if necessary. Sometimes the Primary Investigator (study doctor) will participate and/or oversee the visit via a telemedicine (telehealth) remote (virtual) meeting. 

Am I able to participate in a clinical trial if I don’t live close to a trial site or cannot travel?
Many clinical trial programs offer patients options for participating in a clinical trial remotely, i.e., away from the main investigational site.
How will my doctor be involved before, during, and after a clinical trial?
In most cases, you will continue to see your primary care doctor while participating in a clinical trial. Most trials provide short-term treatment for specific illnesses or conditions but do not provide long-term care...
What questions should I ask the people conducting the clinical trial?
Before deciding to participate in a clinical trial, you will meet with the trial's research team to learn about the study...